cropped-dsc_0212.jpgHello and welcome to Keola Health!

Tucked away in the depths of the Lee Valley, near the villages of Dripsey and Coachford, is a haven from the world outside! Our door is always open to those in need of a little taking care of and what better way than with a gentle, relaxing yoga class! We have a purpose built yoga space, to bring you closer to feeling great!

yoga in the park 3

I started my yoga journey in 1996, the road has had its fair share of bumps and pot holes, but yoga has always allowed me to raise my head, take a deep breath and feel the sun on my face. It has brought me closer to a meaningful life and has helped to carry me through the ups and downs. I wouldn’t be without it, which is why I love to share yoga with others!

The benefits of yoga are vast, and with a steady, regular practice you can enjoy them too!


Keola Health provides,

  • Mixed Level Classes
  • Beginners Classes (from Sept 2015)
  • Just for Men (from August 2015)
  • Postnatal Yoga (from Sept 2015)
  • One to One Classes
  • Private Group Classes
  • Children’s Yoga
  • Teen Yoga
  • Yoga in your Business
  • Yoga in your School


So pop along down, and see where it takes you!!



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