2015 Yoga Classes

Hi Folks, 

Yoga classes are stating again this coming January. Please see the schedule page for more information! 







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Baby on the way!

Hi Folks, 

Keola Health is going on a wonderful journey this summer, welcoming baby number two into the world. Classes will resume in the Autumn of 2014 with a new schedule of yoga classes. 

Have a great summer! 



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BREATHE RETREAT Yoga and Raw Food Retreat

Dear Friends!

When was the last time you took a whole day out of your busy life, just for you? Where everything you needed was provided and you didn’t have to worry about anything or take care of anyone but yourself?

Taking a whole day off from family and work commitments can be seen as ‘selfish’, but what we forget is that to take care of everyone around us, we also need to take time out for ourselves. And I’m not just talking about the ladies here!! Unwind, relax and recharge. Connect with what makes you feel whole again! I know from my own experience that this is something I very often crave, and not just because I’d love it, but because I need it.

Going on a retreat conjures up images of white sandy beaches with a yoga studio on the edge of an azure ocean! And if we could get there, wouldn’t it be wonderful! But taking time out, doesn’t have to be complicated.

Close to home, tucked away in the quite countryside, is a timber frame house by a river, with a lovely yoga studio and a tranquil space, just for you! Come a see what a difference a day makes!

See below the poster for items you can bring to enhance your experience!


Items that may enhance your experience

1. Yourself, without your cares or worries.

2. Light, stretchy, comfy clothes!

3. A light blanket.

4. Swimming gear, including croc’s or runners that can be worn in the water!

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Teen Yoga End of Term!

ImageAs the Leaving Certificate exams begin, I have to step back and think about just how amazing our young people are! For the next few weeks thousands of our youth will battle through hours and hours of exams, but my thoughts mostly rest with a great bunch of Transition Year students with whom I had the the honor of teaching yoga to this last Spring. At the end of our 8 weeks, there truly was nothing better than seeing everyone lined up against a wall doing headstand, or silently resting on the floor after class. The sporadic wave of giggles reminds me that these young people still contain that joviality that we as adults have sometimes lost! 

Here are some testimonials from students I taught this last Spring 2013. These lovely individuals aged 15 – 16 received 8 weeks of yoga in their own school environment.

“Just a fantastic module. End of!” 

“It was very fun and relaxing, I love yoga!”

“It was fun and relaxing and helped build up confidence. If I keep it up I would be a lot more fit and flexible”

“This class is great fun and I recommend more people to do this programme. I can stretch and my breathing is better”

“Even though I have only been doing yoga a short time, it has already helped me so much in learning how to relax, all while doing exercise. I would definitely recommend it. I feel more relaxed. The quotes given on sheets each week really put things in perspective.”

“Very relaxing if surrounded by the right people.”

“I really enjoyed it. It was very interesting and I will definitely try to keep up yoga on my own”.

“I really enjoyed yoga this year. It was really interesting to learn about and a fun way to exercise. I enjoyed being able to see myself getting better as the weeks went on. I think I’m much more flexible. I found the poses easier as the weeks progressed.” 

“It was good fun”.



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April Yoga Classes

l_3b_020-raspberry.jpgSpring has sprung, the days have a lovely stretch in them and the sun has finally come out to play! The perfect time to spring into action and awaken our growing energy levels. 

This term we have a change in the schedule. Monday classes have been moved to Thursday and the Wednesday 6.45pm class will now start at 6.30pm. 

After getting a little too close to burnout last term, I have had to move the classes around a little to facilitate some personal rest and family time. I spent some time over the Easter holidays contemplating the yogic principle of Ahimsa, which translates to ‘non violence’. For me personally it is a principle that I often find challenging. Ahimsa to me, means using my breath and a calm mind, to really feel where I am in my body. To take note of my energy levels, my mood, any tightness or aches in my body, and then doing my practice while taking them all into consideration. I can easily practice to unrealistic expectations or allow my competitive tendencies to take over, pushing myself over the edge. I have to constantly remind myself to be true to my own journey, rather than trying to travel someone else’s path.  

It can be a challenge to truly take care of ourselves. For some it might mean going to bed early, taking time to eat, hydrate, rest, exercise, or all of the above. Self care comes in many forms and I think we each know deep down what we need. So I hope Ahimsa will be a principle you will also be able to practice this spring. To treat your self with care, and hopefully allow the strength you gain to filter and spread to those around you! 



Wednesday 6.30 – 7.45pm 

Wednesday 8.00 – 9.15pm

Thursday 6.45 – 8.00am 

Thursday 10.00 – 11.15am

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