A little about me!

I first found yoga on a bookshelf when I was in college, somewhere around 1999. I’d been going to Taekwondo classes in college at the time, which I loved, but was looking for something more wholistic! So I bought ‘The New Book of Yoga’ by the Sivananda Yoga Centre and started practicing on my bedroom carpet. That book later followed me to Tanzania and South Korea till a friend (later my husband) invited me to join a yoga class in 2003! I haven’t looked back since. 

In Korea I practiced as much as I could with Ron Katwijk of the Magic Pond Yoga School. This is where my love for traditional yoga truly expressed itself and I achieved Year 1 Certificate in Basic Raja Yoga. In 2005, when I returned to Ireland I trained with the Yoga Therapy and Training Centre and achieved my Yoga Teaching Diploma, I began teaching Hatha Yoga immediately after I finished in July of 2006. Seeing that there was a need for more children’s yoga teachers, I trained with Marsha Wenig of YogaKids International in August 2006 and became a qualified Kids Yoga Teacher!

After having a baby in 2009, getting back onto my mat was a difficult journey, which to this day is a work in progress. I have since had a second child but it has not quenched my desire to share yoga with others, if anything I realise the benefit of yoga through all stages of life. It has helped me to stay fit, youthful and ride life’s up and downs with a constant, calming support.

In 2016, I completed a second 200hr Teacher Training in Traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre in Cork under the instruction of Lalit Kumar and his team. I have been blessed to learn yoga from those who truly respect its roots and pass on this incredible science with integrity and humility. It is my aim to do the same.

We sometimes travel through life, unaware. Not quite feeling, not quite experiencing life as it could be. We’re sometimes afraid of what going deeper will uncover. Yoga is an invitation to go deeper. Sometimes we don’t like what we find, but my yoga experiences have been empowering and have enhanced my life beyond anything I could have anticipated. It’s for this reason that I wish to share yoga with you!

Welcome to Keola Yoga Studio!