The First Appointment & Fees

I recognise that you are an individual with a unique history and therefore unique requirements.

When you book your appointment I will email you a questionnaire form that you can fill out prior to your first consultation. This will help me to identify areas that will need attention, and gain a better understanding of the issues that are affecting you. The aim is to treat the problem at its root cause, rather than masking your symptoms with remedies that are not useful in the long term.  

One of the items that I will send you is a Food Diary.  In your diary you will record everything you eat and drink over a 5 day period. One day must be a Saturday or Sunday. It will be important to include any snacks, alcoholic drinks, medications and supplements. The food diary also gives you space to record any physical symptoms or strong emotions during the day, whether you think them normal or not. Bring this information with you to the consultation. 


The initial consultation will take approximately 60 – 90 minutes. The following will be covered.

  • Current health (both physical and emotional) concerns
  • Medical and lifestyle history
  • Family history
  • Current diet and lifestyle.

At the end of the consultation a tailored nutritional programme incorporating detailed dietary advice, lifestyle modifications, advice on supplements (if appropriate) and essential oils, as well as a full explanation of findings and recommendations will be given. Menu suggestions are also given. Where appropriate specific information handouts are given to support your programme.

Further tests may be recommended in some cases. E.g. Specific Food Intolerance tests. thyroid  tests and so on.

When attending a consultation please bring along details of any nutritional supplements and/or medication you may be taking. One to two follow-up consultations may be recommended to monitor your progress and to adjust your programme to best suit you over the long term. These last 45 – 60 minutes.


Please contact me via the Contact page to arrange a suitable appointment time.


ADULT 1st Consultation – €90

ADULT Follow up visit – €50

CHILD 1st Consultation – €75

CHILD Follow up visit – €40


Under 16’s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.