Children take to yoga like little ducklings to the water, fearless and ready! Yoga is a natural state for them, connected to the present, exploring their environment through movement and play. Children love to imagine they are going on a jungle safari, or taking a trip on a magic carpet and they can feel, hear and see the animals they become and the places they visit within their imaginations. These are just some of the reasons I love teaching kids yoga, they take me along for the ride and I get to be a kid again!!
The benefits of yoga for children are vast and far reaching, affecting their present lives, but also preparing them for the future. Here are some of the benefits I have observed!

Yoga helps kids to; 

  • be present in the present! To explore their mind, body and breath in the now,
  • maintain flexibility and strength as they grow,
  • focus and concentrate,
  • cultivate a peaceful and relaxed way of being,
  • learn tools to manage stress through useful breathing techniques, visualization and relaxation,
  • become more self aware. Aware of their body and its capabilities, aware of kind thought and action towards themselves and others,
  • develop discipline and a proactive,  ‘can do’ attitude,
  • flip between being silly and serious.




Classes here at Keola are divided into the younger and the older kids. We provide classes for 5 – 7 year olds on Mondays  and 8 – 12 year olds on Fridays. Classes are small, so kids get to learn challenging poses in a safe environment. See the schedule page for dates and times.


Kids yoga classes are also provided to local schools. Giving kids the benefits of yoga within their school environment. If you are interested in yoga for your school, send me a message from the bookings page.