Teen Yoga End of Term!

ImageAs the Leaving Certificate exams begin, I have to step back and think about just how amazing our young people are! For the next few weeks thousands of our youth will battle through hours and hours of exams, but my thoughts mostly rest with a great bunch of Transition Year students with whom I had the the honor of teaching yoga to this last Spring. At the end of our 8 weeks, there truly was nothing better than seeing everyone lined up against a wall doing headstand, or silently resting on the floor after class. The sporadic wave of giggles reminds me that these young people still contain that joviality that we as adults have sometimes lost! 

Here are some testimonials from students I taught this last Spring 2013. These lovely individuals aged 15 – 16 received 8 weeks of yoga in their own school environment.

“Just a fantastic module. End of!” 

“It was very fun and relaxing, I love yoga!”

“It was fun and relaxing and helped build up confidence. If I keep it up I would be a lot more fit and flexible”

“This class is great fun and I recommend more people to do this programme. I can stretch and my breathing is better”

“Even though I have only been doing yoga a short time, it has already helped me so much in learning how to relax, all while doing exercise. I would definitely recommend it. I feel more relaxed. The quotes given on sheets each week really put things in perspective.”

“Very relaxing if surrounded by the right people.”

“I really enjoyed it. It was very interesting and I will definitely try to keep up yoga on my own”.

“I really enjoyed yoga this year. It was really interesting to learn about and a fun way to exercise. I enjoyed being able to see myself getting better as the weeks went on. I think I’m much more flexible. I found the poses easier as the weeks progressed.” 

“It was good fun”.



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