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Medicine in My Cupboard – Lemons and Limes


Sometimes I think that lemons (and limes) are understated! Not only are they great for winter colds and flu’s but also a wonderful summer time remedy too!

Did you know????

In traditional chinese medicine lemons (and limes) are said to have a cooling thermal nature. They have a sour, astringent flavour and are antiseptic. They are excellent for those who have lived on a high fat, protein diet and are now in need of some cleaning out.

Lemons destroy putrefactive bacteria in the intestine and mouth and can be used to purify the breath.

Their antiseptic, anti-microbial and mucus-resolving action make them useful during dysentery, colds, flu’s, coughs and parasite infestations. For colds and flu’s they are best used when symptoms first start to appear. They will shorted the duration and severity of a cold and will prevent the complications that can arise from these infections.

Lemons are excellent for the liver. They encourage the formation of bile, improve the absorption of minerals, promote weight loss and cleanse the blood. They also treat high blood pressure, thick, poorly circulating blood and weak blood vessels, so are excellent for heart health.

In the summer heat, lemons have a cooling effect, they calm the nerves and are useful for treating a sore throat, cramps and diabetes which are often marked by fluid deficiency.

Externally the juice of lemons can be applied to heal sores, they relieve the itching from insect bites when rubbed into the skin, and in a poultice they can be applied to reduce and soften corns. ONE drop of fresh juice combined with warm water makes a cleansing eye wash.

Limes tend to be grown less intensively than lemons so can be used instead of lemons.

The ACID content of lemons and limes is about 4 – 6 times higher than that of oranges so should not be used by those with too much stomach acid or ulcers.

In saying that however, many who suffer from heartburn or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) are often mistakenly said to have to much acid, when in fact they have too little (symptoms are almost identical), in which case lemons are useful! (Try it out and you’ll know quick enough!!).

Citric acid also thins the blood so should be used cautiously by those with weak blood signs such as a pale complexion and tongue, insomnia, irritability and thinness. These people also tend to feel cooler and weak (so need to focus on more warming foods).

For the very hot, fiery, robust person, red in the face in need of the properties of lemons, start with 1 – 3 lemons a day for a week, working up to 12 a day (some people need a lot of cleansing!!).

A great way to start the day is the juice of a lemon in water before breakfast. It flushes the system, stimulates the liver and helps you to feel fresh for the rest of the day.

If you have organic or VERY WELL WASHED lemons, use the rind.. which contains limonene a great cancer fighting substance. The rind also contains added vitamin B6, calcium, Vitamin C and is an excellent source of fibre!

Teen Yoga End of Term!

ImageAs the Leaving Certificate exams begin, I have to step back and think about just how amazing our young people are! For the next few weeks thousands of our youth will battle through hours and hours of exams, but my thoughts mostly rest with a great bunch of Transition Year students with whom I had the the honor of teaching yoga to this last Spring. At the end of our 8 weeks, there truly was nothing better than seeing everyone lined up against a wall doing headstand, or silently resting on the floor after class. The sporadic wave of giggles reminds me that these young people still contain that joviality that we as adults have sometimes lost! 

Here are some testimonials from students I taught this last Spring 2013. These lovely individuals aged 15 – 16 received 8 weeks of yoga in their own school environment.

“Just a fantastic module. End of!” 

“It was very fun and relaxing, I love yoga!”

“It was fun and relaxing and helped build up confidence. If I keep it up I would be a lot more fit and flexible”

“This class is great fun and I recommend more people to do this programme. I can stretch and my breathing is better”

“Even though I have only been doing yoga a short time, it has already helped me so much in learning how to relax, all while doing exercise. I would definitely recommend it. I feel more relaxed. The quotes given on sheets each week really put things in perspective.”

“Very relaxing if surrounded by the right people.”

“I really enjoyed it. It was very interesting and I will definitely try to keep up yoga on my own”.

“I really enjoyed yoga this year. It was really interesting to learn about and a fun way to exercise. I enjoyed being able to see myself getting better as the weeks went on. I think I’m much more flexible. I found the poses easier as the weeks progressed.” 

“It was good fun”.



So what do you do then?? I’m a Mother.

 On facebook today I came across a post about Naomi Stadlen. She has written a book called “What Mothers Do, Especially when it looks like nothing”. I followed the link to her website and WOW… I want to buy her book! 

“Mothers who do so much often describe themselves as sitting around, doing nothing. They feel lonely, invisible and unimportant.”

Hhmmm I wonder when I last felt like this… let me think… yes, about 3 minutes ago, and wait, about 10 minutes before that, and, well, for a rather large portion of yesterday… You can see where I’m going with this! Oh wait, there’s more… 

“Yet their work belongs to much more than one organisation. Each mother is preparing her child to belong to the society that we will all share. It doesn’t seem too much to say that the whole of civilisation depends on the work of mothers. Social life would be chaotic if mothers were not contributing so much. If mothers feel unimportant, then surely the value of their work is not being properly acknowledged”

The whole of civilization… I like it! 

Thank you Naomi, for saving my sanity, for letting me know that the work I do is worthwhile. For giving me the confidence to strive through another day, trying to do the best for my family… and civilization! 

Young children, soak up this world like thirsty elephants. We as their mothers can train and education, guide and support them in their learning, especially in their early years, when they learn SO much. Because one day they will grow up and work for the benefit of our world (if we have taught them to). We can help to shape this world, by spending that time with our children and by not kicking ourselves down for doing ‘nothing’. What greater service to humanity is there than raising happy, healthy, confident, independent (the list goes on and on) kids? 

YAY to mothers!!