So what do you do then?? I’m a Mother.

 On facebook today I came across a post about Naomi Stadlen. She has written a book called “What Mothers Do, Especially when it looks like nothing”. I followed the link to her website and WOW… I want to buy her book! 

“Mothers who do so much often describe themselves as sitting around, doing nothing. They feel lonely, invisible and unimportant.”

Hhmmm I wonder when I last felt like this… let me think… yes, about 3 minutes ago, and wait, about 10 minutes before that, and, well, for a rather large portion of yesterday… You can see where I’m going with this! Oh wait, there’s more… 

“Yet their work belongs to much more than one organisation. Each mother is preparing her child to belong to the society that we will all share. It doesn’t seem too much to say that the whole of civilisation depends on the work of mothers. Social life would be chaotic if mothers were not contributing so much. If mothers feel unimportant, then surely the value of their work is not being properly acknowledged”

The whole of civilization… I like it! 

Thank you Naomi, for saving my sanity, for letting me know that the work I do is worthwhile. For giving me the confidence to strive through another day, trying to do the best for my family… and civilization! 

Young children, soak up this world like thirsty elephants. We as their mothers can train and education, guide and support them in their learning, especially in their early years, when they learn SO much. Because one day they will grow up and work for the benefit of our world (if we have taught them to). We can help to shape this world, by spending that time with our children and by not kicking ourselves down for doing ‘nothing’. What greater service to humanity is there than raising happy, healthy, confident, independent (the list goes on and on) kids? 

YAY to mothers!!

3 thoughts on “So what do you do then?? I’m a Mother.

  1. Irene Post author

    Katie! Wow, if there was ever a brilliant Mom, you are it!! Isn’t is a pity though that all too often we can’t see the good that we’re doing, indeed to indulge in those moments of pride… what a beautiful way to say it!! I’m so incredibly blessed to have a circle of wonderful moms around me, from which I can draw love and support. Thank you for being one of them!

  2. Katie

    Hi Irene, what a nice little piece – beautifully written as usual. As a mum who, every night, sits down exhausted from my day, wondering what exactly have I done today? – its nice to read that someone, somewhere, says that something, albeit small, has been achieved. I am so proud of my children, and so proud of their achievements, but I fail, continually to be proud of myself 😉 maybe I should succumb to a bit of self-indulging pride the odd time! Well done on your blog – you’re an interesting lady and a great mum!

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